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How to Repair EPDM Seams

Millions of feet of EPDM has been installed over the past 30-years. For the most part EPDM roofing systems have performed well.  As EPDM roofs weather and  age  one constant problem that shows up is seam problems.  All Black EPDM roofs undergo constant thermal cycling, expanding and contracting, along with some membrane shrinkage adding stress to older EPDM adhesive type seams.  The environmental stress and exposure to water over the years has caused  many EPDM seams to weaken and sometimes fail completely.  Repairing older EPDM seams with conventional rubber products or even the newer tapes is difficult.

Republic Powdered Metal's Geogard Seam Sealer is an idea solution for repairing defective EPDM seams. Geogard Seam Sealer is a  high solid moisture curing polyurethane based product.

Geogard Seam Sealer is extremely tenacious and adhere strongly  to single-ply membranes  forming a new seam stronger then the original EPDM seam.  Geogard Seam Sealer is a one-step system and like it's parent product Geogard is extremely resistance to ponding water, most roof top chemicals and UV.

Geogard Seam Sealer can also be used to repair old Hypalon, PVC, and other old single-ply roof systems.  Geogard Seam Sealer can be used to repair coping, flashings and ductwork.


EPDM Seams.jpg

  • To  repair EPDM seams, a clean dry substrate is required.  If the roof system is ballasted, push back the gravel ballast.  Surfaces must be clean and free from dirt, grease, oil, loose gravel, loose paint, excess chalk and other foreign matter that can prevent proper adhesion of the Geogard Seam Sealer.  This is best accomplished using a high pressure washer of at least 2,000 psi for large areas or a good water based cleaner and rags for small repair areas.

EPDM Seams Repaired.jpg

  • Over the clean substrate apply the Geogard Seam Sealer to the EPDM seam at a rate of  50 LF per gallon, with a  width to 6-8 inches.  Embed the Permafab fabric (polyester fabric 6" wide) into the Seam Sealer base coat. Apply a top coat of Geogard Seam Sealer over the Permafab fabric at the same rate of the base coat.  On ballasted roofs allow the sealer to set up over night before pushing the ballast back.
  • The Geogard Seam sealer can be used on EPDM field seams, wall seams, splits/tears, patching holes and cuts. Geogard Seam Sealer is also be used to repair leaking coping and flashings.
  • On White colored single-ply system use the Republic's Solargard Seam Sealer (white), applying the same way as the Geogard Seam Sealer.  Both products are universal repair products and will work on single-ply, modified bitumen, Asphalt, concrete and polyurethane foam roofs. Solargard Seam Sealer & Geogard Seam Sealant are universal metal roof sealants and will seal fasteners, seams without the need of a fabric.

Geogard Seam Sealer on Weathered Single-ply Specification

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